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13&14 / 12 International Video Poetry Festival

8th International Video Poetry Festival
at Free Self Organised Theatre EMBROS
Riga Pallamidi 2 - Psirri

FR.13 + SAT.14 DECEMBER 2019

108 video artists and poets from 26 countries
2 performances | 35 poets + 7 concerts + 3 DJs

Organized by:
The Institute [for Experimental Arts] //
+ΙΝΣΤΙΤΟΥΤΟ Πειραματικών Τεχνών http://theinstitute.info
Void Network // KENO ΔΙΚΤΥΟ http://voidnetwork.gr

Supported by
MOVING POEMS http://movingpoems.com

The 8th International Video Poetry Festival is a great manifestation of the international support for the Occupied Self Organized Theater EMBROS that after 8 years of open, free for all, public production of art and culture is in danger of destruction by the Greek government.


VIDEO POETRY SHOW starts at 17.00

USA Emily Joy Oomen, Kamari Bright, Pamela Falkenberg and Jack Cochran, Matt Mullins, Adam E. Stone, Dawn Westlake, Pearl Gluck, Kathryn Darnell, Lori Ersolmaz, Dave Bonta, Cindy St. Onge, R.W. Perkins, Martha McCollough, Caroline Rumley
AUSTRIA Sigrun Höllrigl, George Chkheidze, Anja Suchomel
GREECE Katerina Vlahbey, Thanasis Panou, Aggeliki Lalou, Vasso Georgiadou, Anastasia Gkitsi, Vivian Papageorgiou, Iris Fousteri,
Io Armata, Tasos Sagris
U.K. Csilla Toldy, Rebecca Tantony, Lucy English, Helen Dewbery, Jane Glennie
SOUTH KOREA Finn Harvor, Saebom Kim & Yoonhee Kim
SERBIA Ana Pantic + Maja Djordjevic
AUSTRALIA Monica Goldberg, Mark Niehus, Maria Vella, Brendan Bonsack, Marie Craven, Jelena Sinik,
Martin Kelly & Ian McBryde, Ian Gibbins
SPAIN Lisi Prada, Gregorio Méndez, Eduardo Yagüe
ISRAEL Shiry Lee Price, Gil Zablodovsky + Lali Tsipi Michaeli,
Efrat Dahan
IRAN Sahar Ajdamsani
BRAZIL Talita Feuser
TURKEY Local Anestezi
GERMANY Lisa Mausbach, Susanne Wiegner
CHINA Zhe Wang
MEXICO Sebastián Jiménez Galindo
CANADA Endre Farkas, Mike Hoolboom, Fiona Tinwei Lam & Tisha Deb Pillai
BOTSWANA Anthony Molosi
IRELAND Alice Kinsella & Paul Kinsella
FRANCE Adrien Milliot
TAIWAN Amang Hung
NEW ZELAND Charles Olsen


Audiovisual Performance: THE LOVE OF THE SUN
Based around five poems from Matt Hetherington’s poetry collection, The Love of the Sun (Recent Work Press 2018), this live video-poetry-music-performance features Claudia Larose-Bell, a professionally-trained actor and former lead player with the Adelaide Theatre Company in Australia, with Matt's vocal performances forming part of the music soundtrack, composed by electronic musician, Steve Kelly, from the UK. His tracks also feature in a number of Marie Craven’s poetry films over the past five years.

FLOODTIDE by Ian Gibbins
floodtide envisions a city after climate change has produced major rises in sea-level. What would it look like? How would the citizens cope with the new circumstances? What would happen next?
The composition process making the video was very complex. Nearly every scene has been composited from multiple sources, requiring more than 500 individual sequences from original footage filmed around South Australia, Victoria and Queensland, Australia. Each scene required matching of lighting intensity, colour and direction, as well as wind direction (in clouds, water, trees, etc), atmospheric haze, perspective, scale and more. Thus, in most scenes containing water, footage of the sea has been added to the landscape or cityscape. Similarly, nearly every sky and cloud bank has been composited from mixed sources. Almost none of the building skylines is from a single location.

I-DenSity by Vasso Georgiadou
A performance piece coupled with video art, exploring the quest for identity, when the familiar changes, transforms into something new and the old fades away from memory. Inspired and affected by the experiences of third culture citizens.


Open Free SEMINAR / WORKSHOP- starts at 15.00
What is VIDEO POETRY? Make your video poems!

An international seminar by artists from Australia and UK featuring Marie Craven- Lucy English- Ian Gibbins- Helen Dewbery- Jane Glennie

MULTIMEDIA CONCERT starts at 17.00

Μc Yinca | Sissy Doutsiou+ Nikos Touliatos | Poppy Delta | Witness (Poetry Slam) Tasos Sagris + WhoDoes | Lokal Anestezi feat. Lara Yilancioglu, Diana Petrushka, Nedim Ulusoy (Turkey & Ukraine)

Eleftheriakos. Vasillis Kambouris . Orestis Batakis+War . Manos Cizek. Thekla Tselepi . Marija Dejanovic (Croatia). Pavlos Avouris. Thanos Gogos . Yannis Raouzaios . Sotiris Lykourgiotis .
+ from UK: Lucy English . Helen Dewbery . Chaucer Cameron . Jane Glennie. Kathy Pendrill

by Margot Erratic Medusa + lyriko phosphoro

SOUNDSCAPES: Junior X. Crystal Zero. War

all festival VIDEO ART ZONE:
GREECE: Bill Psarras, Aneglina Voskopoulou FINLAND: Hanna Ojala MEXICO: Andrés Pardo CANADA: Eric Schmaltz (with Kevin McPhee and Graeme Ring) PARAGUAY: Vertiente Raisa GERMANY: Caspar de Gelmini

Organized by:

+The Institute [for Experimental Arts] //
ΙΝΣΤΙΤΟΥΤΟ Πειραματικών Τεχνών http://theinstitute.info/

Void Network // KENO ΔΙΚΤΥΟ http://voidnetwork.gr/

Supported by
MOVING POEMS http://movingpoems.com/

8th International Video Poetry Festival, Athens,
Free Self-Organized Theater EMBROS
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13&14 / 12 International Video Poetry Festival | Ελεύθερο Αυτοδιαχειριζόμενο Θέατρο Εμπρός

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