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LIVE- Stampf! - Free Improvisation Experimental Music from Germany/Taiwan- SUN.20/1 EMBROS



Is a duo consisting of Rübezahl from Germany and Malikah from Taiwan. Together they ride their bicycles across Eurasia, all they way from Germany to Taiwan. On the way they like to play shows, jam with people, and exchange music and ideas with the people they meet. Their way already led them through Switzerland, Slovenia, Ukraine, Serbia and Albania, and they are now approaching Athens.

Rübezahl is an electronic musician, that likes to build his own instruments and also plays the Xaphoon, a weird mixture between a flute and a saxophone. He also uses Extensions and Effect-Proccessing to further enhance the sound of this instrument.
Malikah is a tap-dancer and Vocalist from Taiwan. Not limited to the rythms of tap-dance she also likes to implement on-site found objects into her performance and always carrys a little metallic hand-drum with her.

Together they bring up a funky melange of experimental soundscapes, improvised rhythmic tap patterns and some wild performance that can be described as unique and deliciously entertaining.

Support by Lokal Anestezi (collage and video from Ukrania) X Nedim Ulusoy (sax- from Turkey)

Sunday 20th January at

Empros Free Theater- Riga Palamidi 2 Psiri area Athens

Live will take place after the weekliy assembly of Embros- starting at 19.30  

Performances from 21.30 PM till 23 PM

Free Donation

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