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Σάβ, 19 & Κυρ 20 Νοεμβρίου, 21:00 – 22:00 passTRESpass dance performance/dis *place*ment

#disPLACEment is the culmination of intensive community workshops at a collectively governed refugee-squat in Athens, and in New York City. Amidst rupture and dislocation, we ask: how can dance physicalize new conceptions of community? How can we insinuate excluded narratives into unwelcoming spaces? How can art make space for displaced bodies? 
At a moment when more bodies are pouring across borders in search of refuge than ever before, the modern dance awareness society offers passTRESpass 2016, an immersive, participatory installation linking communities in New York, Athens, and other sites where refuge and dislocation collide. 
At 1pm we will be leading a Times Square procession where we will carry the stories of our Athens cast and inviting visitors to join us for the dance at Anita's Way
We invite you to witness and participate in this experimental dialogue in vocalized movement and physicalized narrative between passTRESpass members here and abroad, live-streamed through a porous, unbounded performance space in the bustling heart of Times Square.
Conceived and directed by passTRESpass: Despina Sophia Stamos and Irene Siegel in collaboration with the dancers of City Plaza Hotel, featuring Rahin Salimi, Mahmadullah Muhammadi , Benyamin Ahmadi, with NYC dancers @BiancaFalco, @IreneSiegel, @WenShuanYang, @MaryCatherineDonnelly @SierraNikole and guest artists , @MariaJulianaByck
About passTRESpass:
Initiated in 2007, by tmdas co-founders, Despina Sophia Stamos and Wen-shuan Yang PassTRESpass Athens is a roving, interactive movement installation addressing questions of migration, home and borders. Irene Siegel and Panagiotis Andronikidis have been contributing collaborators in the project since 2015 and 2007. The project mobilizes the body as an expressive site of aesthetic and socio-political engagement. Welcoming a diversity of bodies into spaces they may or may not typically occupy, we aim to communally redefine what dance and embodied art can mean, and what it can do in the world. passTRESpass is a project of the modern dance awareness society, an experimental dance collective.
Through workshops and collaborations, Maria Juliana Byck, activates different social spheres to encourage cross-cultural and inter-generational exchanges. By mapping ways of navigating, understanding, and projecting aspirations onto the cityscape, she develops multi-disciplinary forms that best embody the distinctive characteristics of a place. The results are an unpredictable combination that brings about a new form expanding on the traditions of the installation, performance, and documentary formats. From 2005 to 2013, she produced community-led, investigative, documentary films, and live television shows. The productions were broadcast regularly in Manhattan and Brooklyn, and nationally in the United States on Free Speech TV. Maria has led video projects focused on social, environmental and economic issues in Vietnam, Greece, Italy, England, India, Nepal, Taiwan, and United States. For more information visit
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